Brussels Airport

Hotel Testimonial

The Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport participates in IHG Academy because we truly believe in, on one hand, sharing experience from our in-house colleagues with students and on the other hand acquiring new, fresh, young and creative ideas from young, dynamic and highly motivated students. Also participating in IHG Academy is one of the best ways to recruit the right candidates with potential as we can see them working in the field first and evolving within the hotel team.

Participant Testimonial

First of all, we have to admit that we have never regretted our partnership with organisations within the scope of IHG Academy because it is a common agreement on offering students opportunities to acquire new skills on the field, on getting trained by in-house colleagues to evolve within the Hospitality Industry and on getting new energy, ideas and commitment from students for the Hotel. Most of the time we start by offering opportunities to discover the Hospitality Industry via an internship position and after that, if we do feel the candidate has the potential and if it's possible, we offer him a student job contract or another form of contract depending on the situation. Usually we got very constructive and positive feedback from students who have just done their internship with us. Therefore it is also an opportunity for us to improve our "ways of working" with students and trainees thanks to these feedback and discussions.

Partner Information

One of the main point Hotels should pay attention to is maintaining a very positive relationship with partner organisations because, without their interest and support for our Hotel, it is much more difficult to reach and attract their students. Also be well prepared to welcome the students: create an initial function plan with the main targets he/she should achieve within the first working day, assign an onboarding advisor to which he/she can refer in case of questions, create a constructive and tailor-made supervisor approach in order to boost him/her to acquire the necessary skills to evolve in the position and to give him/her the necessary feedback by someone who works closely to him/her, maintain contact with his/her school coordinator to discuss strengths and points of improvements of the candidate together, organise monthly (or if needed weekly) evaluation moments.


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