What is IHG® Academy?

Through IHG Academy, IHG hotels and corporate offices collaborate with educational providers and community groups to help local people build their hospitality skills and improve their employability.

Within a global framework, each IHG Academy is tailored to best meet the needs of the local community they serve. Each IHG Academy has three things in common: they collaborate with local education providers and/or community groups; they provide a work experience placement; and they give feedback to each individual on placement.

Since its launch in 2006, IHG Academy has continued to grow and now spans over 60 countries around the world.

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To Participate in IHG ® Academy, you need to do 3 things:
Register your IHG® Academy


Work with a partner to identify individuals

  • Work with an education provider or community group to identify individuals who want work experience in hospitality
  • Register your details on ihgacademy.com
  • Submit details for approval by the IHG® Academy team
  • Once approved you will be an IHG® Academy
Running your IHG® Academy


Provide Work Experience

  • Now your IHG® Academy is approved, provide a quality work experience placement for participants
  • Remember to consider the length of the placement, the departments participants will cover and how existing colleagues will support
  • Tell us the name, start date and end date for your participants
Running your IHG® Academy


Give Feedback

  • Once participants have completed their placements:
    • Provide them with feedback on how they did
    • Tell us about what participants are up to after their placement
    • Share with us your success stories on the IHG® Academy website site so we can celebrate what you do
  • Get ready for your next group of participants