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Hotel Testimonial

I started my Hospitality career 13 years ago when I completed a 7 month internship with another large hotel chain back in Romania. Having the opportunity to cross train through each Department and seeing firsthand how wonderful it is to work with so many great people who believe in great service and hospitality, made me fall in love with this industry and motivated me to work hard and become a General Manager one day. Now being a General Manager, I wanted to pass on the guidance and opportunity to Hospitality students and help them find their calling and hopefully guide them in choosing the right career path. I am happy to see that IHG takes the time to put together such a great program and that it empowers GM's to promote this program.

Participant Testimonial

The university Gaurav is attending for his masters, was really supportive in him participating in this program which made his enrollment into IHG Academy a lot easier. For us as a leadership team, it was great having someone cross train through our Departments that offered us real feedback on what we're doing great and which areas should be improved

Partner Information

Take time to promote this program and enroll students. It will pay off and it will give you the opportunity to see how well your hotel is operating. This is also a great opportunity to have someone already trained in your hotel, ready to be hired and ready to rock & roll. My ownership supported this initiative as it wasn't costing us money, however it gave us great ROI through increased OSAT and enrollments and HB comments which the student tremendously helped with. 6 weeks after completing the IHG Academy program, Gaurav was hired as our Rooms Division Manager and 1 week into his role, he has already brought significant improvement to the Front Office Department.


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