Lycee Hotelier de Tahiti

Hotel Testimonial

Anne Catherine Imhoff, Human Resource Director, IC Tahiti “With an extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry and strong training programmes that have proven successful over the years, the IHG Academy really adds value to our partner institutions. By offering solid mentorship and highly professional work experience placements, we help our IHG Academy participants in honing their passion for our industry and give them a sense of responsibility that will really help them in making the most of their studies, thus benefitting their home institution through relevant feedback and real-life cases.” Thierry Brovelli, General Manager, IC Tahiti “We believe any student with a true passion for hospitality and committed to hard work can succeed. Our key input is to guide those students by giving them a frame and a full support to take the plunge so that they will be able to experience their future ways in the most REAL and professional way possible.”

Participant Testimonial

What department did you work with during On the job training? “During my three years bachelor degree at the Lycee Hotelier, I did an internship in the restaurant and also in housekeeping. I learned more about what it feels like to work in these two departments. I also learned that I’m not cut out for either. That is why I selected the Front Office, which I really enjoy.” How has IHG Academy and the hotel work experience changed your life? “My experience with the IHG Academy has changed my life. It has given me a sense of responsibility, not only for my work, but it also carries over into my relationships with my friends and family.”

Partner Information

InterContinental Tahiti Resort and Spa believes in a win-win partnerships. They expect their partners to understand the needs of the hotel and send students with relevant academic background and personalities that fit IHG’s corporate culture. In return, the hotel do their best to create great working experiences for our trainees / interns and mentor them so that they can discover and develop their potential. Each partner has a dedicated liaison that works closely with the Training Manager to make each training as beneficial as possible. Within each department, the Manager or his/her assistant also performs as a mentor towards the interns on the field. Our current target is to welcome around 120 trainees per year.

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