Bernd Reusch

Hotel Testimonial

I attended the Traineeship for 16 months. I worked in every F&B departments and those connected to the Food & Beverage connecting departments like, accounting and purchasing for two to four months each. During this time I was part of the Supervisor / Assistant Manager Level Team. There was so much to learn but the most important things for me will have to include: seeing, analysing and reacting to S-W-O-T’s in all F&B departments, improving my leadership skills with the Leading Others Program, organizing a large Event from beginning to end (budgeting, selling, planning and executing), budgeting and forecasting the weekly and monthly data for the outlets, creating a network with all departments within the hotel, the whole IHG philosophy, how important feedback is and how to analyse it, how to staff for different business mixes and write rosters and a whole lot more. The most important thing for me was to learn more about myself and my potential.

Participant Testimonial

I very much appreciated the diversity of the entire programme. I enjoyed rotating between departments and work places. Sometimes it was hard to switch my mind every 2 months because every department and team is somewhat different from one another. But it showed me how flexible a good manager should be. Also being a central contact person for all outlets was very interesting as my knowledge about the complete F&B operation was growing with every passing week.The IHG Europe Conference 2017 was one of the most guest experiences I remember most. I was selected to be one of the three InterContinental Berlin Ambassadors to welcome and host and guide colleagues and guest through the event at “Bolle Festsaal”. As this was already in the last two months of my traineeship I could see how much I have learned and been evolved during the Programme. A definite bonus was meeting 6 Michelin-Star Chefs at once and the great conversations with our IHG colleagues from around Europe.

Partner Information

I received the great opportunity to stay at InterContinental Berlin after the Traineeship and today I am working as Assistant Event Service Manager in Conference and Banqueting.

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