Cole Williams

Hotel Testimonial

I had the opportunity to discover the wide range of positions and adapt my existing skills to the hospitality industry during my experience at the IHG Academy. I shadowed, contributed, and performed in all aspects of hotel operations specific to the Holiday Inn Express and IHG Army Hotel Brands. I gained knowledge in the areas housekeeping, facility maintenance, laundry operations, breakfast service, customer relations, and accounting. All of these events culminated with a three week introduction to the operation and general management positions at this unique multi-property location. This experience has prepared me for continued service in this industry by allowing an insight to this fast-paced and customer-focused profession.

Participant Testimonial

The most enjoyable part of my IHG Academy experience was the ability to interact with the guests and the employees. I had the chance to see how each person in the team created the overall experience for the guests. Whether I was booking reservations for guests, welcoming people at the front desk, providing housekeeping services as a room attendant, or working to create a better experience as a manager, I saw how each talent was influential. In every department I worked in, I was greeted with an enthusiasm that was unparalleled in any other place that I have experienced. The employees were eager to help me learn and excel in every way possible.

Partner Information

My experience in the IHG Academy has fueled my passion for making a position in the hospitality industry my future profession. I am currently seeking career opportunities as an Operations or General Manager in other IHG locations. The property that I had my work experience with is constructing another property. I am looking forward to the opportunities and positions that will open up with an addition of a new location.

Guesthouse : Holiday Inn Express

1744 Victory Ave.

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