Donovin Caldwell

Hotel Testimonial

While I was at the IHG Academy I participated in a lot of activities pertaining to all aspects of how the hotel is operated. Whether it's behind the scenes or direct contact with the guests, there was one common goal that I learned. The goal is that the job is part of something much bigger no matter what it is and to always make the customer happy.

Participant Testimonial

The thing I enjoyed most about the IHG Academy experience was the ability to learn something new everyday, even if it was something I already knew. There were so many ways to do the same thing.

Partner Information

My plans are to travel the world and learn different ways to cook and things to cook. The program helped me with my future career plans because the site in which I took the program offered me a job. I am a current employee and I am now in the shoes of the trainer, teaching new comers of the IHG Academy program.

Concord/walnut Creek : Crowne Plaza

45 John Glenn Drive

International Hospitality and Tourism Program, Mount Diablo High School