Hotel Testimonial

The IHG Academy program is supporting us in having access to a valuable future workforce for our hotel industry.

Participant Testimonial

Working with the Berufschule and the apprenticeship programs is so exciting. It asks a lot from the hotel leaders and mentors and coaches as it is a lot of investment in training, teaching and educating minors - most of these participants start their training at the age of 15 or 16. This year two of the ladies who did their 3 years' program with us have received a certificate of excellence on their final exams and we were so happy to be able to offer both of them an opening in our hotel. Amira now is working in F&B service and Marianne is working in sales.

Partner Information

Do not doubt on the investment the running of academies may be - if in the end it was successful, these efforts and investment in people for our business has been worth every minute!


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