Mark McDermott

Hotel Testimonial

When I started my IHG Academy placement in March 2014 I had no prior experience in a hotel environment. IHG Academy provided a good training structure and development plan which made learning enjoyable. I began to see a quick development not only in my ability to deliver guest services, but also in my knowledge and understanding of hotel policies, finances, and culture.

Participant Testimonial

The thing I enjoyed most about my IHG Academy placement was that it allowed me the opportunity to put what I had been studying during my degree at Liverpool John Moores University into practice and gain hands-on experience in the hospitality industry.

Partner Information

IHG Academy really has helped grow my career in the industry. Upon my completion of the IHG Academy programme, I was offered a permanent job as a Guest Service Assistant at the Holiday Inn Express Liverpool Albert Dock. I am continuously advancing my skills and developing a deeper understanding of what it means to deliver excellent guest services.

Liverpool - Royal Albert Dock : Holiday Inn Express

Brittania Pavillion

Liverpool John Moores University