Maristley Souza da Silva

Hotel Testimonial

The InterContinental Sao Paulo has been an excellent partner to IHG Academy, hosting 56 participants to date. The passion amongst the colleagues at the property is evident when asked about their experience working with the participants. Assistant General Manager, Juliana Porto, is enthusiastic about the opportunities that IHG Academy provides for educational growth: “Education is the best way we can contribute for a better world. IHG Academy is a very successful program that focuses on giving underprivileged people a career opportunity. This way we share experiences with them and they help us become a great hotel company!” Francisco Garcia is the General Manager of the InterContinental Sao Paulo and enjoys supporting IHG Academy at his hotel because he believes it to be a significant opportunity to engage colleagues in a meaningful mentorship experience. “Helping our communities is very rewarding for all our employees, everyone gets involved in the entire process."

Participant Testimonial

For many, IHG Academy is an eye-opening experience that enables participants to discover the professional path that they would like to follow. IHG Academy participant Maristley is a fantastic example of this evolution: “You have to believe in yourself and in those around you. Working together with the InterContinental staff I was able to reach much more. I am now in college and I want to try a career in event planning and production for the hotels.” Equipped with hands-on experience through her time in IHG Academy, and working on developing her educational understanding of the industry, Maristley will be able to successfully join the hotel industry upon graduating from college.

Partner Information

The Youth Career Initiative (YCI) is an innovative, high-impact approach to combating global youth unemployment. We work with young people who are unlikely to have a viable route into legitimate employment and improve their situation without external help.

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