Sanjana Goghar

Hotel Testimonial

For the first month of training, I worked with various sectors of the hotel. This included the Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Front Office, Housekeeping, and the Engineering Department. I gained experience from every aspect of the hotel, which made me aware of all the duties of each team. I spent the second month focusing on working with the Sales and Marketing Team. I learned how to establish relationships with foreign agencies by promoting special rates.

Participant Testimonial

I enjoyed meeting and socialising with new people on a daily basis. I learned that small gestures such as maintaining eye contact and a positive attitude are essential to ensuring that they have a comfortable stay.

Partner Information

After my work experience placement, I plan on continuing my studies at Northeastern University. I have definitely improved my problem solving skills and am now able to think on my feet with confidence. Although my work experience has ended, I will surely apply all the skills I have learned to my future career.

Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 : Holiday Inn Express

30 Sukhumvit Soi 11

Northeastern University