Alison Vios

Hotel Testimonial

I was assigned to the Human Resources department which was a dream come true for me since I'm looking at a career in hotel administration. I was given an overview of administration, learning & development, training, clerical work, documentation, manning requirements and employee engagement. I learned how to balance tasks but above everything that I learned, I learned about the culture, the ways of working in this hotel. Comparing notes with my friends who were hired by other hotel brands, I think I found a hotel that's a good fit for me.

Participant Testimonial

It was a great learning experience because I literally was exposed to a global culture that finds success in the very core values that I also find important. The hotel employees were very accommodating, thoroughly demonstrating True Hospitality which I learned is the brand service skills of IHG.

Partner Information

It was part of my plan to immediately look for a job to help out with family expenses. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to apply for the post in the hotel. My immersion has truly prepared me for the actual work that I applied for and I'm aiming for. I am constantly learning and best of all, I've come to know my colleagues personally making the experience complete.

Makati : Holiday Inn & Suites

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