Jincy Grégoir

Hotel Testimonial

During my 6 months internship I had the chance to be part of the HR department and assist the HR manager in all HR daily tasks. From the first week, I understood that I needed to take initiative, to be very organised, to remain at employees' disposal whenever they have questions or need to talk, to get involved in every project organised by the HR department in order to gain trust and confidence of the staff members. I started my internship by organising the Celebrate Service Week which I loved to do. I needed to be creative to find out and organise activities that could raise interest of participants who had lots of expectations. I also learned that I needed to adapt very quickly to changes, to find solutions to any problems, to work in team and simultaneously be autonomous. Working in the HR department is an every-day challenge in which you have to face different kind of situations involving both staff members and management team. I really enjoyed the proximity with both groups.

Participant Testimonial

As I mentioned, working in the HR department allowed me to work closely with both groups (staff members and management) at the same time, which I really appreciated. Being part of the organisation of such events for employees and working in the HR department in order to create a better place to stay and to perform is something that attracted me and still does. Conducting Colleague Heartbeat surveys, organizing important events such as the Celebrate Service Week, The Foundation Week, the end-of-year Staff Party, etc. pushed me to go the extra mile and to give the best I could in order to satisfy and also if possible exceed their expectations with my HR Manager support. Finally I also enjoyed and very much appreciated the coming of the Area Director of HR (Europe & Germany) to Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport. I am very lucky!

Partner Information

Next to that I also know and am convinced that I want to have a career in the hospitality industry as I really like the atmosphere, working closely with colleagues, being part of guest experience and supporting employees via the HR department in order to develop them and encourage them to outperform in improving guest satisfaction. Thanks to this opportunity of an internship, I decided to continue working at Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport as a student to improve my skills and to gain experience in the field. Learning at school thanks to my studies in Hospitality Management and practicing in the field is one of the best experiences I have. Now I had the opportunity to discover Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport from the inside first as a trainee and then as a student, I now deeply want to take the chance and start working as a full time employee in the HR department. In other words this experience among IHG strengthens my passion for Hospitality Industry.

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